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Philmark is anything but ordinary. A young company with an innovative, visionary, and dynamic approach that is always looking towards the future. A highly successful company that puts people first, combining creative skills with the most advanced technology. Working in Philmark means working for one of the fastest growing companies in the sector, working on stimulating projects and in a healthy and fun context. We invest in people's well-being by giving them the feeling of being part of an extended family, which allows all employees to learn and grow together with the company, improving the quality of their lives every day

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“The only way to predict the future is to create it with the right people”. I founded the Philmark Group with this vision clear in my mind, guided by the values that have accompanied me throughout my life and on which I wanted to build my work and that of my esteemed colleagues.

The Philmark Group took its first steps in the years of the great crisis, a sign that we saw difficulties as our strength, bringing also opportunities. The secret of our success has always been in the people we invest in every day and who in return offer us dedication and talent, but above all their baggage of values that we want to absorb to expand our corporate culture. Our people are at the center of our commitment and at the heart of our system of sharing values, from which our customers benefit by identifying us as a collaborative and competent interlocutor.

The Philmark Group has always fought to “create new standards”, since its foundation. There are two reasons for this. One is our desire to “inspire customers”: it means identifying the hidden needs of our customers by putting ourselves in their shoes and by satisfying them thanks to our technologies, to create products and services that are always innovative. And it is thanks to this stimulus that we are able to accept new challenges to “make our customers more satisfied” and “continue to surprise them”.

The other reason is to seize all business opportunities: products and services that do nothing but adapt to market changes soon become standardized, with the risk of being entangled. On the other hand, however, innovative products and services capable of changing the world bring benefits to our customers and ensure stable profits for our company. Of course, innovative products and services are not always accepted, but nevertheless, accepting challenges, without fear of failure, is the source of our growth and our commitment to our customers and ourselves.

For our customers, and for ourselves, we at Philmark will continue to face the challenges of “creating new standards and a new culture.”

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Filippo Ughi

Philmark CEO


The best of technologies is the one that reaches high levels of complexity and innovation while being easy to use. Philmark has always put this philosophy into practice by creating its projects around the customer's needs. We are aware of the great expectations towards us, and we always give our best by committing ourselves to guaranteeing constant standards of excellence over time.


Philmark has solid and robust foundations and can make use of brilliant collaborators who over time have helped to forge an autonomous and independent reality. An independence that distinguishes Philmark and that pervades the company’s organization, favoring its employees’ freedom of initiative and directing strategic investment choices in favor of technological research and professional training.


Each team is made up of different people and these differences are the added value that brings an advantage to the whole group. We know that in a team people should feel respected in their individuality and that personal growth is the basis of common development. For this reason, in Philmark individual talent is valued in order to reach everyone's goal.


Curiosity and the desire to go further without ever feeling satisfied by the achieved results are the driving force behind our work. Philmark's success is the result of the commitment and dedication of each of its components, because it is thanks to passion that the most innovative ideas are born and it is thanks to the flexibility and value of each of us that these can be realized.


The drive towards the future is a key value of ours. It takes courage to be ahead of someone’s time and we find out courage in the certainty of offering excellent quality without compromise, thanks to constant research, attention to detail, rigorous tests on our machines and a reliability that distinguishes not only our technology, but each of us.


We always communicate and behave with loyalty and transparency, as if we had our own selves in front of us under all circumstances, serenely facing all situations that will need clarification.


We are always looking for the best talents: join Philmark and discover a dynamic, innovative and motivating environment. Our values, combined with a solid policy of retention and attraction / growth of talents, will give you the possibility to maximize your potential and shape the career you have always dreamed of. We stimulate the professional mobility of those who work with us, by primarily offering new possibilities for changing roles and activities. Consult our vacancies and find the opportunity that could bring out your talent and professionalism.

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We are looking for people who are an added value.


Those who have chosen us have clear ideas about the future. There are many companies that rely on our services to face the digital transformation in total safety.

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